About Us

The Papier Project was conceived by two women. Who are the brains behind this creation, you might ask? Well we're going to find out as we play a round of 'Coffee with the Interns' with our founders: Ayesha Wadhawan (AW) and Sanaa Jhurani (SJ).

The Cast:

Ayesha Wadhawan
Sanaa Jhurani

Avantika Rajani (from here forth to be known as the 'fabulous intern' - Yash prefers 'serial procrastinator,' or If you had to then 'The interviewer') Yash Mhatre (from here forth to be known as the 'lazy one,' or if you prefer 'The other interviewer')

YM: How did you conceive of The Papier Project?

AW: "Well I was in Dubai shopping for stationery, and around the same time Sanaa was in New York scouring the city for a suitable planner; and it dawned on us that there exists no equivalent in India, let alone Bombay! Certainly not one big enough for us stationery fanatics to have heard of! We'd decided it was time for us to rectify this situation, and thus The Papier Project was born."

YM: "How are your designs conceived? Walk me through your brainstorming"

SJ: "My family definitely has me infected with the travel bug. Having travelled to so many places and experienced so many different cultures it's hard not to be inspired. Ayesha and I both absolutely love devouring books, we're gorging on them every moment that we aren't working - so we're constantly picking up on ideas and turning someone's literary work to reality. The Papier Project's carefully curated ideas incorporate all that we love. Most of our customers see the design, but only we see each piece of art as a tiny bit of our soul"

AR: "What are your plans for the future?"

SJ: "Keep your eyes peeled! We have big plans and wings on our feet to travel these distances. More specifically, we're looking to expand into physical retail and product variants. We want to make The Papier Project ever more available to our customers and also host other budding indie brands that match our design aesthetic"

To get to know us a little better and find out all about the crazy that dominates the world of The Pristine Paper Army go ahead and read the full interview here.