Her Last Fling Before The Ring!

Her Last Fling Before The Ring!

Her Last Fling Before The Ring!

So you’ve been third wheeling your best girl forever, but shit just got real! He asked, she said yes! Your best friend is tying the knot and the wedding prep is on in full swing. From reassuring her that it will all workout, to dress trials and rehearsal dinners; all these form a part of your bridesmaid duty. But let’s be honest, your real responsibility lies in planning the most epic night: the bachelorette.

1. Gather all your girls and make the bride a gift that encompasses memories from the best times that you’ll shared. A scrapbook is bound to make her choke on a trip down memory lane.

2. Now with sentimentality done with, let the fun stuff begin. Firstly, everyone must have custom t-shirts with their names printed on it, along with something like “the bride’s entourage” while the bride has “queen bee” or “bride” printed on hers.

3. Make a survival/ hangover kit for the weekend and fill it up with essentials.

4. It’s time to plan the fun and games. Head to your favourite bar and you can start with a fun round of “Never have I ever” and continue to your own version of “Truth and Dare” (don’t forget to order the shots)!

5. Order your bride a naughty cake, no matter how much it may make you want to cringe. It’s pretty much a ritual, so suck it up and go for it.

6. Now that everything for the party, ensure that the booze is flowing and your girl does not have her glass even close to empty. Time to make this night count!

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