Neutral Etiquette

Neutral Etiquette

Imagine a Grecian sunset—the reds, oranges and yellows fading into oblivion. Now imagine the grassy savannah of the Serengeti, (interesting factoid: the name itself means endless plains) with long, straw colored grass running as far as the eye can see. That’s the length and breadth of what you could do with your neutral themed card—go in guns blazing. As Ellie Goulding sang, ‘Anything could happen!


- Your thinking cap!

- Brain fodder—TPP never misses an opportunity to take ‘food for thought’ literally

- Scratch Paper

- Pen

- Greeting Card

1) Whether it’s for your favorite professor thanking them for influence they have had on your life and your love for the subject, or an early letter to Santa informing him of your carefully curated gift registry for Christmas—a neutral card’s the most malleable of them all.

2) Channel all your love (Yes, love. We fart unicorns and rainbows only—no hate to be found here) and write to them. Explain the impact, congratulate them on the occasion, and share their happiness with them. A pen is mightier than a sword, and a pen put to a good-looking card? Lethal combination.

3) A nice sign off always helps. “Your unacknowledged favorite

Word Bucket : Your future shines brighter than Bappi Lahiri’s necklaces, Let’s reconnect, your gift’s were substandard last year, but I’m willing to give you another go Santa

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