Leaving Your Mark... In Style

Leaving Your Mark... In Style
Personalised Stationery is a failsafe indicator of a true connoisseur of luxury.

“Congratulations guys! The store looks amazing!”

“Woah! This is HUGE! Congratulations guys! The hard work seems to be paying off”

With the recent store launch, we had congratulatory messages pouring in from friends, family members and well wishers. Caught in the manic pile of various phone calls, text messages and social media shout-outs, a certain note card somehow managed to announce its presence in the most subtle, yet unforgettable, manner.

Accompanied by the most stunning arrangement of orchids, this note card, from a dear friend, very succinctly enunciated how proud she was of all that we had accomplished. If this same message was written out on the usual folded gift tags available at the florist, it would probably have been awarded a genuine smile, a mental note to thank her for the flowers and a failsafe warm glow that is the bankable result of gushing words of encouragement from a dear one.

But the fact that she had painstakingly written out her note on a monogrammed note card, true to her signature style, the stationery used somehow elevated the simplest greeting to a forever keepsake. Now, proudly decorating my pin-up board, her message stares down at me as a constant reminder of all that we have accomplished. It really does serve the most ideal pick-me-up on difficult day, a smile-worthy momentary escape from a extra busy work week! Plus, the stationery was simply too pretty to toss away (#hoarderalert).

We strongly recommend getting yourself a personalised set of stationery to make sure that your heartfelt words of gushing pride and excitement stand apart from the plethora of generic options out there! If you're making the effort, it might as well be memorable.

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