Gushing Gratitude

Gushing Gratitude

Your credit balance is outstanding, the clock is ticking and it’s definitely time to cough up payment: 2 words, 8 letters (Chuck Bass definitely never uttered these). Yes, you guessed right, it’s time to say thank you!


- Brownies: nothing says thank you like a fresh batch of brownies

- Scratch Paper

- Your TPP Thank You card

- Pen

1) While you’ve worked hard on arm-twisting your companion into doing you a favor (Pristine Paper Army quip tip#1: it’s the Puss-in-the-boots-from-Shrek expression that works well on our resident Sparkle Specialist - try it out!), they’ve been out in the field delivering. So maybe make a mention of the actual favour itself. Props to those that manage a special mention of the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting the work done!

2) Maybe make mention of a favour you could return them with? A pair of Loubs works well for me! ;)

Example: “Thnx.”, “You will be repaid in full amount with the blood of my firstborn” (we’re kidding, don’t sound like Voldermort).

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