Get Well Soon Etiquette

Get Well Soon Etiquette

Pollen count’s out of whack and the blues have just hit town. Your friend’s nose is exploring new shades of red because of a cold or a sudden ailment’s taken residence in your loved one. Yes siree, you guessed right. It’s time to write a Get-Well-Soon card.


- Chicken Soup: Don’t get so excited. It isn’t for you.

- Scratch Paper

- Pen

- Greeting Card

1) Your card’s meant to be the paper equivalent of the most comforting hug, so channel your inner Hagrid; think warm, sunny thoughts (or just Google golden retriever puppies for inspiration)

2) Think of something just the two of you could do together once they’re well. Nothing helps in swallowing that nasty cough syrup like positive goal. Examples include: picnicking at your favorite spot, eating their favorite food (Swati Snacks anyone?), travelling (Northern lights in Norway? Yes please!)

3) Make sure you mention how much you miss them! Example: “I miss you like a desert misses rain…”; JK, that’s overkill.

Word Bucket : You’re contagious go away, I miss you, bounce back faster than a basketball, Just don’t look like one

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