Anniversary Etiquette

Anniversary Etiquette

Through runny noses and the pink of health, through the most ridiculous of fights over whether samosa pav trumps vada pav (hint: NEVER) and some slightly serious ones—love sees you through it all. Here’s to the day celebrating either yours or your loved one’s union with their better half.


- Chocolates and Champagne (don’t look so hopeful)

- Pen

- Scratch paper

- Greeting card

1) Reflect on a few of your favorite memories with your loved one(s). Think of how they inspire you. Do they inspire belief in the existence of one person designed perfectly for you? (Like the Bugatti for me hehe; a caveat: don’t write about it if they haven’t inspired any such emotion!)

2) Think about what forms the basis of this union. Rome wasn’t built in a day! How did they go from being two separate individuals to one unit, comprising two humans so wholly entangled together that they’ve become a package deal (think Biryani&Raita or Modi&Selfies—it’d be blasphemous to have one without the other)

3) Pen to paper now, lovely. Chop chop!

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