A Penny For Your Thoughts?

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Last time we wrote about the almost extinct tradition of writing to one and other and the memories these papers hold in them. Today I wanted to write about writing for yourself, to yourself; a memoir just for your reading - writing a journal.

There’s no telling when a sudden sense of joie de vivre attacks you. You could be sitting in a piazza in Florence watching performers simply sharing their love for their art; or you could be contemplating on the banks of the Ganga as you watch the evening pooja unfold in front of you; or you’ve just woken up and you’re quietly sipping your chai and reading your newspaper when, upon coming across a word or a sentence, inspiration might strike.

All situations mentioned above might fill you with a sudden thirst to put that pen to paper and jot down that errant thought, to bring that feeling to life with those elusive words. Could, then, the sound of your pen frantically scratching against the paper, in your hurry to jot down these thoughts - lest the feeling of the moments or those words escape you, ever be replaced by the banal sound of typing?

So sharpen those pencils and jot down those thoughts. Lord knows your hand needs the exercise.

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