A Graphic Design Studio

A Graphic Design Studio

Here, at The Papier Project, we are constantly working to make the concept of design far more approachable and easier to integrate into your daily life.


Be it a hastily jotted down thank you note or a corporate logo or a tender presentation, any medium of communication you choose should embody your own unique stamp of ownership while effectively encompassing the ideals and sensibilities that you would want to be synonymous with. We constantly work with both brands and individuals in designing their communication to essentially do all the talking on their behalf and make sure that no message goes unnoticed.


From social media creatives to simply a pitch for a new contract, a design need comes up at every junction. With our team of designers, we are working towards a format where a dedicated resource from our team can be your go-to person for all these requirements, regardless of the need of the hour. If it needs to be designed on a computer, or illustrated by hand, essentially if it needs any designing whatsoever, we can help!


Especially handy for start-ups who don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to hire a full-time resource, we would be delighted to work with the team as you navigate the endless road of self-discovery and finally settle on a list of ideals that your brand would identify with best.


Really, all we’re trying to say is that if you have a design requirement – reach out to us! We’re a bunch of design-obsessed junkies waiting to work on your next project.

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