The Papier Project – A Premium Gifting & Stationery Studio

The Papier Project, founded by Ayesha Wadhawan and Sanaa Jhurani, resonates with an effort to bring back the forgotten art of the written word. With our selection of greeting cards, gift tags and journals, you have all the encouragement you need to write down your thoughts. We also ensure every convenience is brought to you with the ease of our e-commerce portal

Remember when we’d have to sharpen our pencils constantly in school? And the dawn of innovation arrived with the introduction of the mechanical sharpener? Le Gasp! How far we’ve come! But we worry sometimes that in this world that’s increasingly mechanized, have we lost our appreciation for tiny tokens of love and small gestures of thanks?

The sheer magic of penning down your thoughts, of the possibility of creating and leaving a legacy, an imprint - one that stands the test of time and serves as tactile proof of our feelings, is the foundation of The Papier Project. How could sterile texts/whatsapp messages/emails match up to something so beautiful? So write that thank you, send out that paper invite and post that letter. Delve into the past; you might discover it’s not all that bad.